FORM-X | A Division of MTI is a manufacturer and service provider to the electronics industry. MTI Form-X became vetted by the US Government in March of 2013 through the ExporTech Program.

FORM-X | A Division of MTI is a family owned and operated business, founded by Bob Morse who specifically set out to serve the plastic screen-printing, injection molding and related membrane switch industry by filling a service void by competition.

Form-X provides embossing and forming solutions for membrane switches, in mold decorating & braille signage. Form-X currently supplies to leading Original Equipment Manufacturers, screen printers, and plastic molders supporting the medical equipment, domestic appliance, military, telecommunications, automotive, nautical, Internet Technology and aerospace industries throughout the USA.

The parts we emboss become part of the final products for companies such as Google, Disney, Whirlpool, US Train Stations & Theme Parks, Bose, General Electric, Boeing, Coleman, Samsung, iPhone/Apple, Ford, Lincoln, the US Military and more.

We put the bumps in thin film plastic sheets!

Our mission is “To serve our customer and not compete with them.” We assist our customers in designing and delivering to their customer, precision formed graphics and longer lasting tactile response products.

FORM-X | A Division of MTI offers a variety of services which include using our own proprietary tooling and machinery:

  • Custom Proprietary Forming Tooling - Stays in house for the sole use of each customer's orders
  • Membrane Switch Overlay Embossing (we form parts cold!)
  • Embossing (hydroforming) - Including 36"x48" sheets and larger
  • Thermoforming / Vacuum Forming - Material up to 1/4" thick, Forming Height - Up to 12" high, Sheet Sizes - up to 19"x17"
  • Tactile Dome Forming
  • IMD (Deep Draw)
  • Graphic Embossing
  • Braille - that meets federal, state and local specs
  • Die Cutting & Laser Services - New in 2023

Precision Thin Film Plastic Thermo, Hydro, Tactile-dome Embossing, and Embossing Services for:

  • Advertising
  • In-mold forming
  • Membrane Switches: Graphic layer embossing, Graphic layer tactile domes, Circuit layer tactile domes, Nameplates, Packaging, Labels, and Displays.

MTI offers:

  • Design/Manufacturing of custom presses for use with our dies